Ready to be a more powerful leader?

Nonprofit leaders deserve a lot of love.

Leading a nonprofit is messy, often lonely and tougher than ever.

  • More complex social issues
  • More competition for resources
  • Steeper requirements
  • More uncertainty
  • [Still] not enough money and staff

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you want to make a deeper impact in your organization? In the world?

Leading people when the stakes are high and the path forward is uncertain requires commitment, courage and leading from a deeper place.

I am here to help you do that.

My passion and superpower is helping people:

  • Access their deeper wisdom so they make better decisions.
  • Connect more deeply with people so they accelerate trust and build a network of change champions.
  • Uncover new ideas and perspectives so they create new possibilities for action.
  • Punch fear in the face so they have the courage to do what's necessary to make a difference.

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Deeper Impact NOW!

Powerful leaders know how to quiet the voice of fear and access their deeper wisdom so they can see and do what’s needed in the moment.  That’s what it means to Lead Deep.  It’s about the mindset of leadership.

When you learn how to Change Your Mind[set], you can Change the World.

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“When you identify the discomfort, you’ve found the place where a leader is needed.”

-Seth Godin in Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us